"Education cannot occur effectively absent a safe and secure environment. This brilliant Lifeline Response smartphone application actually saves lives and protects students on campus from a potentially life altering event. I don't know of a better way to protect students. Lifeline is astonishing and should be on the phone of every student in America."

- John Danielson
Former United States Department of Education Chief of Staff

Cristian Arango University of Florida

Chairman of Student Government

Jonna Williams Cedar Falls, IA

Social Worker

Betsy Holtz Milwaukee, WI


Jackie Vezzani Hinsdale, IL


Mariel McNay Orange County, CA

Business Development Professional

Lisa Clements Long Grove, IL


Pam Kontzias Chicago, IL


James Adams San Angelo, TX

Police Chief, Angelo State University

Doug Lambert San Francisco, CA

COO, Hipstamatic

Jessica Kuh Canton, OH